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Workshops and Courses...

Introduction to TRE® WORKSHOPS

 Shake off stress, tension & anxiety

@HealingSpace Studio, BA3 3JW or online via Zoom


Small well-held workshops

TRE® Follow up groups for those who have already learnt the basics. New clients may attend if booking a 30 minute one to one before the session. Contact Deborah to arrange this.

@HealingSpace Studio, BA3 3JW or online

Breathe - Breathwork for Healing, Calm & Resilience

This 1 hour class includes neural exercises to tone the vagus nerve and support regulation. We work with all 3 kinds of Breathwork; mindful, regulating and a gentle short experience of the Conscious Connected Breath. This class is a great starting point for beginners to breathwork, or those who are more sensitive and need a gentle approach. If you feel safer on zoom with your camera off, then please attend this way.



Integrative Breathwork; 

Enjoy a guided Breath journey, using the Conscious Connected Breath to gently build energy, heal, soothe, and integrate old patterns.

Venue - Healing Space Studio, BA3 3JW or Online via Zoom. 2 hrs

Suitable for all levels from beginner to experienced

Collaborations with The Grief Space

Supporting those who are processing grief and loss of all kinds

Read more about Breathwork

Read more about TRE®  ...

. Bespoke workshops and courses available for groups, at either your own venue or one of mine. 

. If you require a concessionary rate to make attending viable for you, please ask.

. If there's a workshop or course you'd like to see running that's not here, please ask; I often start events on that basis.

Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy 

Contact Deborah for a FREE initial 20 minute phone CONSULTATION 

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