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Deborah Maddison | Healing Space

Welcome to Healing Space

With liberating, embodying practices, your body and mind have the innate ability to heal from stress, tension, anxiety, trauma and associated symptoms.  It's easier than we think to let go and feel better on a physical, emotional and mental level, we just need to re-learn how.

It is my privilege to hold safe healing space for my clients,  whether it be for resolving day to day stresses, or assistance in healing deep seated long term issues. 

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Here at Healing Space I offer some of the therapies and practices that I have found to be powerful, empowering, mindful and truly supportive to your well being. 

 I recommend everyone starts by learning T.R.E. as it the most highly effective and user friendly practice  that I have come across.  

I practice in Bath, Bristol, Radstock, Somerset and surrounding areas.

As a Pluss Partner I offer courses, workshops and one to one work, to their clients ...

Pluss is an award-winning Community Interest Company that supports thousands of people with disabilities and other disadvantages to move towards and into employment each year.

Deborah talks to Yvonne B, as a guest on Somer FM's Women's Power Hour

Talking about life, stress, and our innate ability to release and feel better. through breath and T.R.E.  You can hear the podcast here 

T.R.E. Natural Stress/Tension Release

RELAX your mind and body deeply

RESET your nervous system from fight or flight reactions

RENEW your energy and resilience

T.R.E. allows you to shake off stress and tension through the nervous system. It’s a liberating and unique way to kindly and compassionately relate to your body. T.R.E. is your innate, yet suppressed, stress release capability; everyone benefits from learning it. 

FREE Breath Relaxation & Talk about the cutting edge theory around stress, T.R.E. and Breath 

Saturday 24th November 12:15-1:15 @ Balance Gym Timsbury. 

Limited places, contact Balance to reserve your place

Details of all  T.R.E. courses, workshops and free talks  HERE

I also offer...

Integrative Breath Therapy

Also known as Conscious Connected Breathing, Breathwork and Integrative Rebirthing.

Learn to breathe fully to release deep tension and emotions and energise the body. 

Lifeplus Nutrition

Life plus - give your body the building blocks it needs to be healthy, strong and resilient to life’s stresses.

Contact Deborah:

-  To book a free initial 20 minute phone CONSULTATION

-  To request a 10 minute T.R.E. PRESENTATION

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Healing space clients range from 7 to 77+  years of age. Those learning T.R.E. have reported healing and profound improvements with the following issue:

  • Mental/emotional health issues - anxiety, panic attacks, depression, irritability, mood swings
  • Physical symptoms - aching joints, fibromyalgia and other pain (including neck and back), digestive issues, insomnia
  • Addictions, phobias, obsessive thinking, OCD
  • Trauma including short-term traumas/accidents and PTSD 
  • Stress and tension including work/study related stress and burn out
  • Grief/loss/divorce
  • Abuse and bullying related stress
  • Chronic fatigue, lack of energy, general feelings of stuckness
  • Sexual issues

Clients report:

  • More energy
  • Better sleep
  • Improved concentration and focus
  • Enhanced confidence and communication
  • More positive moods
  • Greater resilience 
  • Feelings of empowerment and ownership regarding their wellbeing
  • Feeling more connected to their body/more grounded

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