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One to One Breathwork Sessions - Online or In Person

You can book a session here, or if you'd prefer to start with a free 20 minute new client talk to explore exactly what you will need, then you can book that HERE


This 90 minute session teaches some simple neural exercises to tone your vagus nerve, and an introduction to all 3 types of Breathwork (Mindful, Regulating and Conscious Connected Breath). This session enables you to receive personal guidance with breath and gently explore what works for you and your life. You will leave with skills to use in daily life and can then decide if you'd like to follow it up with a course to go deeper in your personal exploration and healing.

BREATHWORK 1:1 - Journey with Conscious Connected Breath

In this 90 minute session, we work simply with less talking and exploration, and the main focus of the session is on a journey with the Conscious Connected Breath. 

BREATHWORK 1:1 - DEEP DIVE with Rebirthing Breathwork

These sessions are 2 hours. 

A course of 10 sessions is recommended to create a safe holding space for deep personal inner work. Here in addition to a journey with the Conscious Connected Breath, we have time to explore themes, patterns, and work with ways to take you deeper into connecting to what's holding you back in your life, and how to bring in and focus on what you really value. We may bring in, inner child work, a mini-constellation, limiting belief work etc. We work with both the breath, and the creative power of the mind.

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