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My name is Deborah Maddison and it’s my privilege to teach and facilitate the empowering, embodying practices of TRE® and Breathwork. In 2023 I also became a  Breathwork Practitioner Trainer for the AIR School of Breathwork and Breathing Journeys Breathwork Trainings (read more about Breathwork Practitioner trainings here)

TRE and Breathwork can release old patterns of stress, tension, anxiety, trauma and pain. It's incredible to watch clients freeing themselves and experiencing new levels of aliveness.


I live in Radstock with my husband and our small dog, Tigi. I have two - now adult - sons. I mostly practice in Bath, Radstock and Somerset. My degree was from the University of Oxford (I started studying physics, but then migrated to PPE).  After a year of travelling, I joined the Royal Navy as an officer, but in 1999 after 7 years of service, I was medically retired due to stress, aged just 29.  Despite also being a fitness & martial arts instructor, I was unable to continue for some time. Life was clearly asking something new of me, and I started a long journey to find wellness.  Having experienced almost every symptom possible, related to Chronic Fatigue, Anxiety, Stress, Depression and PTSD, I can truly empathise with my clients' experiences.  


I have trained in many practices on the path to wellness, Reiki, Lomi Lomi Massage, Group Facilitation, TRE and Breathwork. Here at Healing Space I offer some of those that I have found to be effective, mindful, empowering, and truly supportive to well being, empowering therapies that can support us in taking responsibility for our own healing journey and that can be used by clients in daily life and moments of need:

  • TRE® (Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises)

  • Integrative Breathwork (Rebirthing) 


Science and Healing

All the therapies that I offer have one thing in common; they take you out of the mind and into the body. Professor Bessel Van Der Kolk's book says it all ; "The Body Keeps The Score" ... cutting edge theory says we have to clear trauma and stress patterns from the body and rewire our nervous system.


What used to be considered purely physical issues, such as IBS and chronic pain, may well trace back to stress.  Modern medicine now accepts  that the body and mind are connected;  for example Dr Candace Pert's laboratory won a Nobel Prize for proving that emotions are molecules. Mind affects body and body affects mind; they are in fact one.  My area of interest is in how we can positively affect mind and body through body based approaches, as this bypasses the controlling nature of our thinking brain, and taps into deeply innate, physiological modes of releasing and healing.


Although much of my work with clients involves diving deeply into intuitive space, coming from a scientific background, it is also important to me to be able to see things from a scientific basis. My studies in the latest research in stress/trauma medicine, makes scientific sense of the modalities that I offer.  Quantum physics says that everything has both a particle nature and a wave nature, waves are carriers of energy; everything is just energy and stress/trauma etc. are simply blocked energy in the human body ...  It's simple when we see it this way.  I find that once we can accept this, then for many clients, it becomes easier to relax, trust the process and get out of the head and allow this blocked energy to free itself.  Then we can heal, and  "remember" our wholeness. 


Out of the head 

Whilst clients have some opportunity to share personal details or their story (if they wish or are able to), the main part of each session is spent  learning and working with practices and therapies to assist in getting out of the planning/thinking/organising left brain and into the right side of the brain and the body and allow creativity and healing can happen. It's all about embodiment and my main work is supporting clients to feel safe to come into a deeper relationship with their body so that it can heal.  Most of us spend more time in the left brain than is good for our happiness. Learning to inhabit the other side in a more balanced way can be freeing and create the neural pathways that help us spend more time there on a daily basis. It can help us to be more in the present moment.


Final Notes


I am never afraid to see where a client may be supported by therapies/practices other than those I offer, and make suggestions. I maintain professional relationships with many other local practitioners whose work and approaches I respect.


On a personal level life has taught me that it doesn't matter how intelligent you are, or how many benefits life may have bestowed on you. If you are carrying stress, anxiety or trauma, this can be crippling and thwart achieving your full potential, and more importantly it can stunt your happiness in life. In all the work I do, my goal is to support people of all ages in learning vital skills to decompress and live happy, fulfilled lives. 


Life can throw anything at us, and I am here to help you be equipped to cope and more than that, to use the difficulties as a gateway into a newer and richer experience of life.  It is my privilege to hold safe, nurturing, compassionate, healing space for all my clients.


Deborah x


Practical Details: I maintain my ongoing personal and professional development by working with my own teachers. This attention to my continuing professional and personal development ensures that I keep deepening my therapeutic offerings, and maintain a healthy mental/emotional and spiritual balance in myself so that I can not only receive clients into a highly professional space, but also a deeply conscious one.


I have an enhanced DBS certificate (renewed annually by the Disclosure and Barring Update Service), Professional Indemnity Insurance with Balens Ltd and an up to date emergency first aid qualification  (Copies are available on request as are copies of all my training certificates). 


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