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Free Resources to get you started with gentle nervous system work right now:

The resources offered below, if practiced regularly will contribute to a calm and regulated nervous system. Whilst some seem very simple on the surface, they are vital building blocks in the process of embodied healing and rebuilding nervous system health.

Free Guided breath relaxation 10-15 mins

To learn more about working gently with the nervous system ...

watch the above interview, Finding safety & gentleness in Body & Breath. Breathwork & TRE® as safety (Polyvagal Theory) embodied. There's a gentle soothing practice with neural exercises and a breath meditation (30 mins into the interview).

Guided Breathwork Album - Breathwork & Vagal Exercises for Healing, Calm & Resilience

This Breathwork and Relaxation Album is an extended version of my hour long Breathe Online classes, gestated during the last year since the first lock down. I also have a few copies on CD for the old schoolers, otherwise it can be streamed, or downloaded (MP3 etc.)

It’s designed to support healing, calm and resilience - the safety in the body and nervous system that we all need to heal, feel well, recovery from illness and long Covid included. Tried and tested over the last year, so on top of the supporting science , I really know first hand this works, as do many clients.

After your free listens, you are asked for a donation, if this isn't affordable, then do please get in touch with Deborah, to receive a code to download it for free

Next Steps? 

Working with Deborah one to one or in a small group can support feelings of connection and belonging, and a growing sense that you matter, as any contribution to the group process is of value to all. Here you can begin to face and heal attachment wounds and receive personalised support in your process. Deborah keeps most of her groups small and intimate, to grow safety in connection (the Breathe 1 hour class can be larger, but you can keep your camera off for this one if you prefer). Find out more below:

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