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... and Breathe 

unwind your body and mind


Breathwork is an accelerated meditation programme

Breathwork is working consciously with our breath

"Breath is the most precise pharmaceutical you can give yourself" 

Professor Ian Robertson, Neuroscientist

What is breathwork?

Breathwork is a simple and highly effective way to use our breath to change our basic stress responses and learn to come back to a more natural healthful way of breathing that has positive effects on body, mind and emotions. Breathwork is working consciously with our breath; humans have the unique ability to change our breath and in doing so we can positively affect our nervous systems, our biochemistry including hormones, moods, emotions and can calm the mind. It can help us let go of tension and stress. 

It can even create altered states of consciousness where we can meet and integrate old patterns held in the body/mind from our past, so in a sense becomes a fast track psycho therapeutic approach to healing. 

Breathwork can benefit mind, body and soul, and it’s relatively simple to access. There is a vast and growing body of scientific research showing us how powerful it is, with recovery from depression, stress, anxiety, trauma, asthma and much more. 

In working with Deborah you will learn and deepen practices that can be used to empower you to change your day to day reality, and support you to feel more in charge of your responses, and to be more resilient in the face of life's ups and downs. 

Benefits of breathwork sessions include:

  • Feel calmer and more resilient in the face of stress

  • Enhanced mindfulness and focus

  • Feel more grounded and more deeply embodied

  • Relax, Rest and Restore your body and mind

  • Reduced blood pressure

  • Toned vagus nerve

  • Increased resilience

  • Nervous system regulation

  • Stronger immune and digestive systems

  • Greater ability to manage emotions

  • Improved sleep

  • Reduced anxiety and depression

  • Reduced pain

  • Improved heart rate variability

  • Reduced Inflammation

  • Feel more empowered and energised

  • Breathe more freely in daily life and so flow with life more freely and creatively

You will leave breathwork sessions with practices and guidance information so that you can easily integrate the practices into your daily life and feel resourced and empowered to use them when needed.

There are Three types of Breathwork practice 

Breathwork can be a confusing term as there are so many different practices around. We can simplify it into 3 main types of Breathwork, all of which you can study and benefit from with Deborah:

1. Mindful Breath awareness. Simply watching our breath, as practiced in mindfulness has been proven to have profound effects in calming the mind and bringing one into the present moment. This is included in all breathwork sessions

2. Regulatory Breathwork.  These are breathing practices designed to have a specific effect on the body, it's nervous system and energy.  Yoga breath practices fit into this category, for example, as does the Coherent Breathing taught by Deborah as part of the 1 hour Breathe sessions.  Some types of regulatory breathwork calm the body and mind and some energise it. Coherent breathing is a balancing breath designed and proven to balance the nervous system, to create a state of "relaxed aliveness", the optimal state for living life awake yet relaxed. Coherent Breathing is used as part of Conscious Breathing for Trauma Recovery as well as a simple practice for anyone to help them feel calmer and more resilient.

3. Integrative Breathwork aka Rebirthing. This is a completely different ball game of breathwork, which uses the Conscious Connected Breath, in addition to other practices, normally for an extended period of time in order to allow the client to inhabit themselves more fully, raise energy levels, and dive deeper into integrating old held material from the past. It can allow us to access altered states of consciousness, "getting high on our own supply"! The nature of this work also brings up our "stuff" for integration, so it can take us on a journey of healing. This is breath as therapy and can be very powerfully life changing.  

Deborah always incorporates grounding, embodying practices to support clients to Breathe from a safely embodied place.  Due to her TRE® training and work with trauma (including PTSD and CPTSD), all her work is deeply informed by trauma aware practices, and is underpinned by Polyvagal Theory (the Science of Human Safety), the work of Professor Stephen Porges.

In this short interview, you can learn a simple check for your "Breath​ing health" and learn to calm your nervous system and improve vagal tone; the interviewer slowed his breath and calmed his nervous system by 30% in fewer than 10 breaths! 

This is how easy some of the "Regulatory" breathwork is. Listen and try it for yourself. If you enjoy this, you might want to book onto Deborah's Breathe 1 hour session 

or scroll down to find the guided audio.

What is the best way ahead for me?

Please get in touch to discuss what might be your best starting point.  You can also contact Deborah to book a 1 hour one to one session to learn some Breathwork Basics adapted to your specific needs, or you can book onto one of Deborah's sessions (online or in person) below to get a feel for the work

Breathe 1 hour sessions incorporate all three practices and gentle neural exercises to tone your vagus nerve - very gentle, suitable for all, especially beginners.

Breathe Deeper sessions are 2 hours and focus mainly on Integrative Breathwork (a Journey with the Conscious Connected Breath). This is led gently AND is a deep dive into yourself (if in doubt come to the 1 hour sessions initially to get a feel for working this way at a shorter session).

In the Breathe Deeper Plus session we still focus mainly on the Integrative Breathwork (working with the Conscious Connected Breath) but have a little more time to explore themes, other kinds of breathwork & neural regulation

NEW Audio Guided album available now

This Breathwork and Relaxation Album is an extended version of my hour long Breathe Online classes, gestated during the last year since the first lock down. I also have a few copies on CD for the old schoolers, otherwise it can be live streamed, or downloaded to listen in peace off line (MP3 etc.)

It’s designed to support healing, calm and resilience, recovery from long Covid included. Tried and tested over the last year, so on top of the supporting science , I really know first hand this works, as do many clients.

Breathwork in the News

Breathwork appears in the news regularly. Why? Because as something we all can do, but have repressed, it's a powerful way to allow natural health and vitality to restore itself once we "heal the breath".  "Free your breath, free your life" is not an understatement. It's a way to feel good, naturally.

Click on of the picture below to link to the article.  

Read the references and scientific research here. 


I am a graduate Breathwork Practitioner of the AIR School Of Breathwork, taught by Brigitte Martin-Powell and Doug Sawyer. 

The AIR Diploma fulfils the pre-requisites for professional membership of the British Rebirthing Society (BRS) and the Global Professional Breathwork Alliance (GPBA). 

I continue to work regularly with my teachers, and others for supervision and deepening of my own client work.  Brigitte and Doug's approach is a truly loving, and compassionate one, and I always aim to bring this love and acceptance to my own client sessions.

I am a Professional Member of the IBF, 

"Uniting and Inspiring People through

Conscious Breathing"

I am also a Practitioner Member of the British Rebirth Society (BRS)

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