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Integrative Breathwork


Discover the power of the Conscious Connected Breath to create healing and empowerment

Breathwork is an accelerated meditation programme and so much more. It can support us to inhabit ourselves more fully, reach altered states of consciousness and to integrate the past. It can connect us up to creative life force in a wholly new way and restore our relationship with oneness and the divine. 

What makes this kind of Breathwork different?


There are many, many breathing practices in existence (mostly for regulating our inner state - calm, focus etc.). However, Integrative Breathwork or Rebirthing Breathwork is very different in that it takes us deeply into our unconscious body mind, building the energy that allows us to integrate the past, and connect to source. It takes us on a journey, into ourselves.


It also  supports us to recover our repressed ability to breathe naturally, and connectedly, and release old unhelpful breathing patterns that may have become established through stress, trauma or conditioning.  It is "the art of conscious connected breathing". It operates at a gentle yet very deep level which is why this kind of breathing is a therapy in its own right.  The Breathwork I practice, also goes by other names such as Conscious Connected Breathwork, Breath Therapy and Integrative Rebirthing. 


Breathwork can support us to mindfully breathe into deeply held tension and old held material stuck in our bodies and allow what has been stuck or rejected in the body to integrate, that is become a part of the whole. It increases oxygen levels, and improves the efficiency of our cells to eliminate waste, as well as generating energy. This can bring a new level of aliveness which you may even experience during a session as energy or prana surging around your body. It is a highly flexible practice because in addition to deep dive Breath Journeys where we breathe for up to an hour, we can also utilise it daily in moments of need. 

Breath therapy can help us to reclaim previously unmet parts of ourselves and in bypassing the control of the conscious mind, is a highly efficient way to integrate old held material and beliefs, one of the fastest ways I have come across to achieve deep and meaningful change and personal growth. 


Leonard Orr, the creator of this breathing method, describes Breathwork as "an end to drama", meaning that it allows us to meet ourselves at a deep level, take responsibility, and learnt to stop projecting our issues onto the external world; so empowering and incredibly healing for our relationship with ourselves, those we live with and love, and everyone with whom we come into contact.  It allows us to create a new relationship with life itself, as we increasingly let go of duality, and breathe in the "oneness" and connection that is always here in the present moment. 


Breathwork can be very powerful, it brings energy into the body, and can take us into areas of greater aliveness and creativity. That energy may also touch issues from childhood, so sometimes old feelings and issues are going to come up, perhaps even in the couple of days after a breathwork session. We use the breath to gently and safely integrate such material. In our school of Breath (the AIR School of Breathwork), we take clients into that process gently, and will show you how to go at your own pace. Equally during our journey we may simply meet our energy in a deeply nourishing way, or we may connect up to the divine and receive insights; it’s a journey that changes from breathe to breathe and clients meet only what they are ready to meet. 


When we take responsibility for what arises, it’s amazing to become the creator and not the victim in our lives, knowing that we can keep the life flowing rather than becoming stuck in an old story about how bad life is for example; In life it can feel easier to stay comfortable  with our pain and old stories , but life can be so much better than that, it can be inspiring (inspiration) and it really can become a choice as to how we wish to live.  The exhalation can teach us deeper surrender. Breathwork is all about self-responsibility and self-mastery in this way, and is truly empowering.   


I generally recommend that clients start with a one to one taster session or experience a group breathwork session at a workshop; those who wish to create safe holding space for deep and lasting change can then consider committing to 10 one to one sessions, the series of 10 sessions can be weekly, fortnightly, or even every 3 or 4 weeks, to grow at a pace that feels right for the individual.


 1:1 breath therapy sessions can be profoundly healing and support integration of old emotional material held in the body/mind. The main focus of each 2 hour session is an hour of conscious connected breathing, but sessions also include a talking element and during 1:1 sessions I can employ a variety of different psycho therapeutic techniques to support the movement of life, and the dissolution of limiting beliefs; these will be used as and when appropriate to the individual client's needs.  They include talking to the "parts", limiting belief work, mini constellations, and inner child work.


What happens during a one to one session?

We start with a chat to establish your intentions and what you need to work with. You will then lie down on a comfortable thick mat, with everything you need to really relax (blanket, pillow, bolster, eye mask etc.). I will guide you into finding your rhythm with your breath, and then I work intuitively with touch where appropriate, and words to support you to dive deep into the process. After 30-55 minutes or so of breathing this way, you will be invited to rest and enjoy final integration. We will then have a cup of tea and can discuss what arose, and mark any significant parts of your Breath Journey. 


Physiological explanation of Breathwork (aka "Rebirthing") experiences:

from the British Rebirth Society

"Through breathing continuously without break, your body takes in more oxygen than usual, which changes the CO2 level in your brain.

You enter a self-induced trance state (a non-ordinary state of consciousness) where memories, pictures, emotions or body sensations can surface to be reviewed, released and integrated.

The power of rebirthing is that in this state you are the experiencer as well as the observer of past incidents that may emerge, enabling you to release and re-interpret what happened in the past from a newly conscious and fresh perspective.

Through conscious connected breathing you accumulate life force (prana, chi, ki) which starts to move freely through your body (experienced as tingling, energy rushes or waves).

This loosens up stored blockages held in your four-body energy system (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual), thus working on all four levels at the same time.

Experiences may vary every time. The spectrum of experiences range from physical sensations of pain or pleasure, release of body blockages through heat or energy movement to release of emotions (sadness, anger, etc.) There may be realisations of dysfunctional thought patterns or new thought connections and insights, and deeply spiritual or energetic experiences.”

What clients are saying:

...the space you hold there is just beautiful...The sessions from the first time were deeper than I am ever able to achieve on my own! I always feel calmer and more aligned after a breathwork session and ... some ... were incredible and I went on some amazing journeys.

Over the last few months life for me has evolved and still is evolving!

I truly want to thank you for listening when I was feeling despairing and lonely, for never judging and for only ever holding space and allowing me to be me and feel what I needed to feel in those times to be able to release it and move on! 

Your little sanctuary that you have created has such incredible energy and is such a warm and lovely place to be both inside and outside! 

I hope to get to breath with you again soon!!


Book a session:

* What might I feel during an Integrative Breathwork/Rebirthing session?

* Contraindications for working with the Conscious Connected Breath 

in groups

Breathe 1 hour sessions incorporate all three practices and gentle neural exercises to tone your vagus nerve - very gentle &  suitable for all, especially beginners.

Breathe Deeper sessions are 2 hours and focus mainly on Integrative Breathwork  (a Journey with the Conscious Connected Breath). This is led gently AND is a deep dive into yourself (if in doubt come to the 1 hour sessions initially to get a feel for working this way at a shorter session).


I am a graduate Breathwork Practitioner of the AIR School Of Breathwork, under the supervision of Brigitte Martin-Powell and Doug Sawyer. This Breathwork School teaches a gentle yet powerful form of Integrative Rebirthing, which evolved from the work originally started by Leonard Orr. This qualification encompasses a minimum of 300 hours of training and assessment. The AIR Diploma fulfills the pre-requisites for Rebirther training of the British Rebirthing Society (BRS) and the Global Professional Breathwork Alliance (GPBA). 

I continue to receive supervision, Continuous Professional Development and to work deeply with them and other teachers to further enhance the life, presence and consciousness that I offer to my work.

I am a recognised practitioner member of the British Rebirth Society- a professional association that promotes the art of conscious breath through the practice of Rebirthing Breathwork, and supports its practitioners and members throughout the UK and worldwide.

I am proud to be a Professional Member of the IBF, 

"Uniting and Inspiring People through

Conscious Breathing"


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