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BREATHWORK for Teenagers

Teenagers don't necessarily want to  talk about issues, they just want to feel better.  This is why Breathwork is perfect for them to learn as an empowering, no- talking, practice that will help them find empowering ways to cope with life's ups and downs.

Whether they are struggling with debilitating anxiety, depression or other conditions, or you simply want to resource them to feel happier and more resilient, Deborah has the experience, skills and care to support your child to know they can be empowered take their well being into their own hands, and live their best lives. 

Our teenagers have a lot to cope with what with social media, and an increasingly pressurised study environment, not to mention going through all the hormonal and brain changes that happen through puberty.  It's a lot to contend with.  The human body can only cope with so much before debilitating symptoms start to appear that can take them from thriving to surviving.

The "happy face" and "perfect" body illustrated on social media, often belies stress, and pressure to conform, feelings of not being "good enough". The fact that many teens spend a lot of time on their phones or other devices, also means that the body is less active, and therefore not discharging stress through its natural mechanisms. Shocking studies have also shown that girls breathe more poorly than boys, due to "perfect body" ideas that a sucked in belly is how they should look, as well as repressing emotions to maintain a "good girl" persona.  


Breathwork is the perfect wellness strategy for teenagers, as it addresses core areas of health, physical, mental and emotional, in a simple yet no talking way.  With an ever growing body of scientific research to support this, employees will feel more relaxed, have more energy, and feel better about themselves, by participating in regular breathwork sessions as well as learning skills to manage stress.

Benefits of breathwork sessions include:

  • More energy

  • Relaxation

  • Reduced blood pressure

  • Increased ability to handle stress

  • Improved sleep

  • Reduced anxiety and depression

  • Improved heart rate variability 

  • Toned vagus nerve 

  • Increased resilience 

  • Enhanced mindfulness

  • Nervous system regulation

  • Improved creativity

  • Improved immune and digestive systems

  • Greater ability to manage emotions

Deborah teaches breathwork and supplies support materials, including a recommended app, so that breathwork strategies can be used when needed.  They can be utilised on the way to school or college, during the day or on the way home to de-stress.  The effects are cumulative, so the more these techniques are practiced, the more profound the changes.

Breathwork - A practical usable solution

We all want the best for them, we want them to be resilient, knowing that whilst life and it's stressors keep on happening, that they have the resources to cope, and thrive. 

Both the regulating breathwork and the Conscious Connected Breathwork that Deborah teaches, can provide accessible resources that once learnt becomes skills for life; this makes it both affordable and empowering.  Breath is incredible in that skills once learnt can be accessed at any time to bring calm and focus to the body, mind and emotions. 

I laid down and made myself comfortable. Deborah guided us on how to breath. Music was playing in the background and soon enough I found myself on a wave of energy and tingling sensations in my hands and lower arms. When it was time to stop the Breathwork, I didn't want the sensations to go. Afterwards I felt relaxed, calm and energised. Who would of thought breathing can make you feel so good!


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