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Deborah Maddison | Healing Space

Deborah brings her personal and compassionate touch to all sessions so that your employees can feel seen and heard, as well as learning vital life skills.  

TRE can be taught one to one or in small groups in a workshop or a series of sessions, either at your premises or in an external venue such as Deborah's studio. We can even create an away day with spa, and lunch at a relaxing venue such as Combe Grove, near Bath. Once learnt, employees have a skill for life.


Through learning TRE your employees are able to begin building a trusting relationship with Deborah, also giving them the opportunity, should they wish, to work with her with other modalities for their own further development and also to go deeper with one to one work. This can give those who are struggling on any level an opportunity to reach out for confidential, simple and effective support to address stress related problems.

Deborah's experience ranges from serving as an officer in the Royal Navy, to teaching child and parent yoga, and in more recent years working therapeutically with a range of clients, from those suffering with PTSD and trauma, to those simply wanting to conquer stress.

Deborah is a gifted teacher.

Just the right amount of information and support in the sessions, and, crucially for me, fantastic support materials to take away. This means I can continue and deepen my practice at home still feeling guided and held like I did on the workshop.

I’ve done some great workshops before, but have been left in free fall afterwards as to how to continue the good work, so this is a fantastic aspect of how Deborah does things.

The TRE itself is the most healing medium I have come across. I have spent many years using meditation, mindfulness, therapy , group work and bodywork, to deal with stress, anxiety and trauma. It’s all been good, it’s been a great journey, but nothing has got underneath old unhelpful behaviours like TRE has.

Thank you Deborah

Alexandra Knowles

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