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Grief Space Work

I am collaborating with Nici Harrison, The Grief Space to offer safe space to work with grief of any kind
in the following ways...

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Introduction to Grief Tending Evening

These complimentary online events, offer you a chance to feel into this work of Grief Tending, and receive some beautiful meditations/practices. There is no obligation to speak or share, if you don't wish to.  

Evening facilitated by Nici Harrison.

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Grief and the Nervous System
A 6 week online journey

~ Understanding and befriending our nervous  system and body.


This course is the bed rock of nervous system regulation. A course to support you to find space, safety and resources for your journey. It is vitally important for everyone, especially so when we have the stress, tension and trauma related to grief. It can help us grow our self-understanding and self-compassion, and support our nervous system to move through the grieving process more gracefully and return back to rest/digest and restore. This 6 week online course is repeated regularly, and takes you on a journey to resource and anchor you. 

All types of grief welcome, loss of a loved one, home, a breakup, grief for the planet and the animals, grief for a traumatic childhood.  

Course co-facilitated by Nic Harrison and Deborah.




Note - This course is coming soon as a self-directed training to work through at home, at your own pace.

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Grief Alchemy
Residential retreat in Cornwall

Join us for five unforgettable days of release, nourishment, and transformation in the healing lands of Erth Barton in Cornwall, England.


This profoundly life-shifting experience is centred around the exploration and integration of grief, in all its forms. Together we will explore how to cultivate a new relationship with grief, creating the space to feel it all and welcoming in transformation and alchemy.  

Retreat facilitated by Nici Harrison.

 Deborah teaches the two TRE workshops.

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