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Getting to Healing Space Studio, 33 Lower Whitelands, Radstock BA3 3JW

Cycling - We are on the Bath Cycle path (number 24)

Buses - there are regular buses here from Bath (every 15 mins), Frome, Bristol, Keynsham, Shepton Mallet and Wells. 

Car  - Coming from the Bath direction, head down the A367, towards Radstock. Approaching Radstock you will see a car wash then the Radstock hotel on the right, and start indicating left at this point, but drive past the hotel. Turn left off the A367 onto Waterloo Road just in front of the large mining wheel monument. ; it’s the last left hand turn before the double roundabout.

If coming from Frome, Wells or Bristol /A37 direction, then at the double roundabout next to Radstock Coop, take the exit/s towards Bath up the A367, then immediately - just before you get to the Radstock hotel on the left - turn right onto Waterloo Road just in between the large mining wheel monument and the Radstock Museum.

Once on Waterloo Road drive all the way up to the top until you see Stonable Road on the left and a lane heading into the countryside straight ahead (says no through road). We are at the end of the lane that is straight ahead. You can park in the wide stretch of road just after the layby (don't park in the layby though as the owner gets grumpy!) . It's then less than a minutes walk to the studio. 

Do not drive down onto the terrace proper as it’s a bit tight, and there’s nowhere to park! Your Satnav may tell you to do this, but ignore it. 

Our house is number 33, on the top rank of the terrace (we are 7 houses along). If you walk past the post box in the wall of the end house, then turn left along the narrow path until you get to number 33.  Unless we've agreed otherwise, just come to the conservatory door and we will go down to the studio together (If you use What3Words, then once you've parked up, the What3Words that will bring you to exactly the right place dreamer.cage.breathing).  I look forward to welcoming you here, it's a beautiful, peaceful setting.

Here's what you find right at the end of Waterloo road - you can park in Stonable road to the left or keep going straight on, towards our terrace and you can park on the side of the road about 50 yards on

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