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T.R.E. (Total Release Experience) 


Starts 23 April 

Other dates 30th April, 7th May, 21st May

Healing Space Studio, Radstock, BA3 3JW

(15 mins drive south west from Bath, 35 mins south of Bristol)

For most clients a four week course gives them the confidence to continue with home practice.  If the two homework sessions are completed, then clients will also have achieved 6  T.R.E. sessions by the end of the course; this is the magic number for seeing real change with this practice 

T.R.E. is a powerful and yet simple way to access the body's ability to shake off tension and stress. It's a physical practice, in which we trigger the tremoring through simple stretches and muscle stress exercises, then lie on a mat and allow the body to release, in a sustained, yet controlled and gentle way. Many clients describe is as feeling like a massage from the inside out. Every exercise can be modified to suit individual clients, and you are completely in control of your own process and participation at all times; so you learn how to initiate tremors and also how to stop the process.

As a "no-talking" practice, there is no need to talk about any of your reasons for attending, although you are welcome to share any information and ask questions if you wish. Simply come, learn the practice and leave with all you need to start safe and effective home practice.

Dr Peter Levine discovered the stress and tension busting secret of tremoring whilst working as stress consultant to NASA. He realised that autonomic shaking (in the way animals do) allows the nervous system to "stand down" and restore homeostasis (balance) (You can read his words below).

As our innate physiological release method it's the "fast-track" to releasing tension from the body and mind; it's easier than we think to let go and feel better on a physical , emotional and mental level, we just need to re-learn how.

Courses are a paced way to learn over four or more weeks, supported by the others in your course who will share your journey. They are an effective way to learn the T.R.E. practice and to enable safe use at home when needed. They have a maximum of 5 participants at the studio, and 11 in larger spaces and include:

•Four experiential safely held sessions, facilitated by an experienced Practitioner

•Also included: breath work and grounding exercises.

•Introductory education presentation to watch at home before the workshop

•Course materials, including home practice guide

•Support (if required) before and after session/s

Guided T.R.E. audio recording

•Closed client Q&A page

•Confidentiality/Privacy fully respected

On this course you will:

•Learn first hand how T.R.E. reignites the body’s innate stress/tension release mechanism and experience your body/mind decompressing and growing in resilience.

•Learn how to control the T.R.E. and importantly how to stop the tremoring when you need to.

•Understand the science behind T.R.E. and how T.R.E. works.

•Learn how to confidently and safely manage your home practice.

•Receive guidance about adapting T.R.E. practice to your specific needs.

• Learn additional Breathwork,  grounding and "containment" techniques, which can be used at any time to calm the nervous system and support emotional regulation. This are vital tools for those recovering from trauma and PTSD (particularly complex PTSD), as well as being helpful practices for everyone.

In addition to learning vital wellbeing skills, the actual sessions will be an opportunity to let go, relax your body and mind , reset your nervous system, and renew your energy. The setting is a calm one, with soft lighting, comfortable blankets and pillows, and relaxing music.

Who is T.R.E. for?

T.R.E. has helped people of all ages and from all walks of life by teaching them how to safely, comfortably and confidently release the symptoms of stress, tension, and deep anxiety. It is for ANYONE who wants to heal themselves from day to day pressures, and the associated, often debilitating symptoms of stress.


Dr Peter Levine - why animals don't develop stress symptoms ...

I was really curious why animals in the wild don't develop the same symptoms - because the parts of the brain that respond to stress are quite similar in all mammals, including humans... So I realized there must be some powerful innate mechanism that helps people rebound; that sort of resets our nervous system ... And I discovered that these reactions that reset the nervous system are identical with animals and with people. The difference is that we learn to override it because of our fear of powerful sensations. ... the basic idea is to guide people to help them recapture this natural resilience...

Dr Peter Levine, PHD Medical Biophysics, PHD Psychology,

Stress Consultant to NASA during Space Shuttle era

Why might you attend?

T.R.E. is something that everyone would benefit from learning, however you might particularly want to:

  • Improve flexibility and feel more free in your body

  • Release aches, pains and stiffness (including chronic pain and fibromyalgia)

  • Increase the effectiveness and accessibility of other practices (sports/martial arts, yoga, Pilates, massage, mediation, mindfulness...)

  • Let go of irritability/tension and feel more calm/relaxed

  • Release stress related issues (e.g. work/study stress, IBS, symptoms of overwhelm, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, loss, abuse, trauma and PTSD)

  • Feel lighter, happier, more energised and resilient in the face of life's ups and downs

  • Feel less "in your head" and more embodied

  • Learn a powerful cutting-edge practice to use at home to release stress and tension as part of your weekly well-being routine when needed

Read what others are saying about their T.R.E. Experience

Book Course @ £100
Dates: 12th, 19th & 26th March, 2nd April
Watch a 10 minute video
- What is T.R.E.?
- What does it feel like?

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