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younger children 

Learning TRE alongside your child can be a unique and bonding way to support both you and your child to relax. Younger children respond to it well, as it is physical and "no-talking" approach. 

Deborah aims to make these sessions light and fun, appropriate to the age of your child, bringing her years of experience of working with families as a child/parent yoga teacher in addition to her work as a therapist working with stress and trauma. 

Deborah worked with me and my 7 year old daughter over the course of several sessions.  My daughter loved the sessions, and Deborah was skillful in managing both her shorter attention span, and my own need to spend longer shaking and relaxing.  I enjoyed the sessions so much as a valuable chance to decompress, and they have helped my daughter learn to manage her stronger emotions as well as feel empowered to practice the TRE for herself.  I'd like to have family shaking sessions at home now, so we can all just chill out and relax together. We've learn some great skills, that will help us move forward. I feel so happy to have found a simple, effective way to help my family. 

C.J. Bristol

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