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Here's what other men are saying about their experiences of T.R.E.

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TRE is a powerful and effective tool for washing away cares and stress. I found it really energising and uplifting. It's simple, straightforward and has the added bonus of being talk free! Recommended.


I come from a Military background, with everything that entails, and have for the last 25 years set up and run my own business, which has created a different range of stresses and challenges, which I have managed with varying degrees of success.

I have been practising T.R.E. twice a week for nearly 18 months now, and I can confidently state that my stress levels are much lower than they were, and the residual health complications are virtually absent these days, and I am sure this is due to T.R.E. I am not normally good at sticking to things, and tend to get bored quite quickly, consequently I have been surprised how I have been happy to persist with my T.R.E. practice, and in fact if I cannot do a session, I can feel as if I am really missing out on something worthwhile.

The principles behind T.R.E. are really very simple to understand, and what is particularly attracted me apart from the scientific simplicity, was the fact that the practice is very easy and uncomplicated to learn, and the benefits start to flow really very quickly.

As men we tend to be less good at looking after our health and wellbeing than women. My journey has been driven by necessity rather than choice, but for any man reading this, who might share any of my experiences or challenges, I can but encourage you to try this, it might just be the best money you could spend on yourself!


I was a complete sceptic as to what benefit T.R.E. could offer me when a friend asked me to attend a course to support them. As an army veteran, I have experienced a great deal of physical and psychological trauma in addition to the usual stresses of life over many years.

However as with most of my colleagues, the events we experienced were never discussed, and so whilst the physical wounds healed, the emotional trauma was quashed and hidden. I attended a 6 week T.R.E. course with Deborah, and she explained that undealt with trauma doesn’t just disappear, but holds itself in our bodies, which can cause tension, anger, pain, illness etc.

I dutifully attended the sessions to placate my friend, not really believing they would make a difference to me. However I was amazed to find that by the end of the course I had completely turned a corner in my life. I am less stressed, less tense, more relaxed, calmer and more balanced. Even after such a short period of time, the change has been profound and family and friends have picked up on how much happier and less up-tight I appear.

Deborah was right! T.R.E. has enabled me to lose stress and tension that I have suppressed over a number of years. It is a gradual process, but I will continue to use T.R.E. as a means of releasing the traumas of my life and getting back the real me.

Ian, Veteran

. It was an interesting experience on Saturday- I was relieved to find it was quite easy to activate the muscles!

I had a practice last night and that went fine. I find it quite enjoyable in some ways, certainly the physical sensation. I also find some old memories resurfacing which are less pleasurable, but part of the process I guess. All in all I do feel like my body is letting stuff out and there is plenty of stress in there.

I will keep practicing and hope to see you at the followup!  


I have always thought of myself as quite a ‘wound up’ edgy, kind of guy, and have struggled with stress, depression and feelings of irritability with those around me for as long as I can remember. This has caused me to drink too much and sometime take other substances as a coping mechanism. I have been amazed by T.R.E., during the first session I felt a release happening in my body and a real feeling of liberation. As the 6 weeks of my T.R.E. group continued, the tremors became more intense and moved through more and more of my body. Also in my life I started feeling like I was more relaxed and that I was coping better with pressures and stressful situations. By session 5 I was feeling super relaxed, and much less angry and noticeably more accepting of situations in my life. One of the other huge improvements through doing T.R.E. is in the IBS that I have had for as long as I can remember, so my digestive system is now completely better. My wife has noticed the difference in me too she says I’m more relaxed and am dealing with issues better and she says “thank you for putting a smile on Joe’s face”. I feel that T.R.E. is an incredible tool, and something that I can do at home for myself now. I am so grateful to have been given the opportunity to learn it, it’s life changing and I can’t recommend it and Deborah’s caring but expert facilitation highly enough

Joe, Landlord

Would just like to say how much I have enjoyed my T.R.E. sessions. You have such a calming ability to make people feel relaxed and safe at all times. I have noticed (alongside my dietary changes) that my IBS and stomach problems have not been so aggressive as usual. I have learnt many transferable skills which I will use to help me process things better. You explained things very well which made me understand why and what I am doing and the reason for doing it. Thank you again and wish you all the best, I’m sure you will do a fantastic job and help hundreds of people in the future.

James , Project Manager

I have had an overall very positive experience of T.R.E. with Deborah. Firstly, Deborah's background knowledge about how T.R.E. might benefit me and its relationship to trauma held in the body was both reassuring and clearly explained. I also really felt Deborah's care and kindness when supporting me through the T.R.E. process, particularly when my body was doing strange movements that had me alarmed at first. Deborah also pointed out how since my involvement with T.R.E. there have been a number of significant changes in my subjective markers.

I believe that T.R.E. is an opportunity to open doors for potential healing of trauma in your body and has given me the confidence to break old patterns and fears when faced with my usual body response to challenging triggers. I definitely now feel I have enough knowledge to continue this practice independently and feel grateful for having the opportunity for my body to let go of long held ideas, patterns and limitations. Thank you Deborah

SH, Bristol

Anyone who's read Peter Senge knows the importance of releasing trauma - as animals do - through shaking. TRE shows you how to do the same, even if you're not entirely clear what the trauma is. I was lucky to have Deborah to introduce me to all of this. She’s clear and she’s caring, and she’s given me a capability that’s now mine for life.

David, Bath

My overall experience of T.R.E. has been one of interest in the process and open minded to any outcomes. I am fascinated by the psychology and theory behind it, as it makes so much sense. Having spent the last ten years on a healing journey, I didn't feel there was any big emotional stuff near the surface but I have recently suspected that I have adult ADHD as I tick all the boxes of symptoms. I have heard that for people who take medication for the condition describe that it's almost instantly like a veil being lifted. I feel that my veil is slowly being lifted by T.R.E. as I am experiencing spontaneous and effortless improvements of some of the symptoms. I am very pleased about this as apart from taking the medication I couldn't quite see how this issue might be healed.

I was very confident in Deborah's ability to facilitate my T.R.E. as I know how much she has experienced and witnessed in the field of healing over the years. She will bring a great deal of empathy and understanding to T.R.E. clients.

DA , Bristol 

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