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Women's Spa Retreat Day 

what to bring:

The spa provides towels and robes, and for our sessions I provide an eye mask,  yoga mat, pillow and a lightweight blanket however, some clients also prefer to bring their own, just do whatever will make you feel most comfortable. 

Also please bring/wear:

  • Comfortable Layered clothing that you can move and stretch in (heat variations can happen during TRE® and breathwork, so you want to be warm enough or able to cool down)

  • A water bottle

  • Any medication that you may need (e.g., asthma inhaler)

  • Something soft to lie on when we’re breathing for added comfort e.g., Sheepskin, folded blanket .. also don't worry if you can't bring something soft as the room has 6 big bean bags that half the group can use for breathwork.

  • Swimming costume (the Spa will provide you with a robe, towel)

  • Flip/flops for spa, if you wish.

Lunch, afternoon tea, and all-day teas (and water) are provided too in the Spa's lounge.

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