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Online heartfelt groups to

feel seen, heard and deeply held:

- Breathwork: breathe in life 

- TRE® sessions: shake off stress

Working from the comfort of your home, can make sessions really accessible especially for who physically can't get to face to face sessions.

Apart from the 30 minute sessions which are unlimitedGroup  numbers are limited so that Deborah can watch everyone, and give feedback & support where needed. 

This online work is offered with a heartfelt and deeply human touch. 

If you feel you would prefer to start off with a one to one session or if you are wanting to learn TRE® for the first time please contact Deborah, if you are comfortable working in a small on line group see below ...


1 hr Breathwork sessions 

As well as working mindfully with breath, learn breathwork to support rest, relaxation and provide nourishing energy and the restoration of "natural breath".

Includes relaxation techniques to bring online the Vagus Nerve

Grounding, Embodying, Relaxation and the Coherent Breath our natural breathing rhythm. Expand the Coherent Breath to a calming breath meditation.

Also includes an optional  meditation with the Conscious Connected Breath, bring in life, and surrender into now. 

Suitable for all levels from beginner to experienced. Small groups so space to share, and ask questions. 

Suggested Donation: 

1 hour session £0-10 



A deeper dive (2hrs)

This is a longer deeper dive into breath and being to inhabit your body more fully, raise energy, and integrate the past.

Experienced breathers will have about a 45- 60 minute breathe for those wanting a deeper dive, however, it's suitable for all levels from beginner to experienced. 

Beginners will have a shorter Integrative breathwork "breathe" of 20-30 mins max working with the Conscious Connected Breath, and  a longer relaxation period. 

Suitable for all levels from beginner to experienced. 

2 hour session: Suggested Donation £0-20 

Monthly Sessions: 

Last Saturday 1-3:30pm

(also includes extra 30 min section, click Saturday button below to read more)

Middle Wednesday 7-9pm

NEW Audio Guided Breathwork Album available now

This Breathwork and Relaxation Album is an extended version of my hour long Breathe Online classes, gestated during the last year since the first lock down. I also have a few copies on CD for the old schoolers, otherwise it can be live streamed, or downloaded (MP3 etc.)

It’s designed to support healing, calm and resilience, recovery from long Covid included. Tried and tested over the last year, so on top of the supporting science , I really know first hand this works, as do many clients.

Book a taster session with Deborah

 for as little as £1

All sessions include ways to tap into our innate relaxation response ...

TRE® Natural Tension & Stress Release

Online Sessions (1.5hrs)

Alternate Mondays 11:30am- 1pmShake off stress, tension, trauma, pain and anxiety.

Suitable for all levels, but those with a complex trauma picture need to start one to one. For online work it's recommended that all have their first lesson a one to one.


Payment according to current means.

If you feel you would prefer to start off with a one to one session instead  

please contact Deborah

1:1 Sessions are £60 for 75 mins & £75 for 2 hours

(a 1:1 session is necessary for all new starters to TRE)

Contact Deborah for a FREE initial 20 minute phone CONSULTATION 


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