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TRE for Young People

Young people don't necessarily want to  talk about issues, they just want to feel better.  This is why TRE is perfect for them to learn as an empowering, no- talking, physical practice that will help them empty their "stress buckets", and support them to cope with life's ups and downs.

Whether they are struggling with debilitating anxiety, depression or other conditions, or you simply want to resource them to feel happier and more resilient, Deborah has the experience, skills and care to support your child to know they can be empowered take their well being into their own hands, and live their best lives. 

Our young people have a lot to cope with what with social media, and an increasingly pressurised study environment, not to mention going through all the hormonal and brain changes that happen through puberty.  It's a lot to contend with.  The human body can only cope with so much before debilitating symptoms start to appear that can take them from thriving to surviving.

The "happy face" and "perfect" body illustrated on social media, often belies stress, and pressure to conform, feelings of not being "good enough". The fact that many teens spend a lot of time on their phones or other devices, also means that the body is less active, and therefore not discharging stress through its natural mechanisms. 

TRE - A practical usable solution

We all want the best for them, we want them to be resilient, knowing that whilst life and it's stressors keep on happening, that they have the resources to cope, and thrive. 

TRE and the regulating breathwork Deborah teaches along side it, can provide accessible resources that once learnt becomes skills for life; this makes it both affordable and empowering.

TRE is a life skill with sound theory to back it up (also see what other Young People are saying below). Once learnt it is with you forever, as something to fall back on when needed, and be included in a weekly wellbeing routine to maintain resilience

Included in the teaching is a simple, scientifically proven breathing method which comes with an App to support use as well as a guided audio TRE session and learning booklet.

After just one session your teenager may be feeling confident to use TRE, two sessions enables most to feel confident in the practice and incorporates all the core TRE and Breathwork teaching material.  

Session 3 covers additional stress busting methods and  gives them a chance to practice at home then meet Deborah for a TRE session to ask any questions arising from home practice.  If you feel they might not be very motivated then book a discounted 6 session course, because with TRE 6 is the magic number;  after 6 sessions most clients notice a difference, which is a great incentive to keep it up. 

They can learn one to one, or with a group and they are welcome to attend any TRE workshop or group that is running, however they might feel more comfortable learning with their peers, in which case you could host a TRE party (or book one at my studio) so that they learn in the comfort of their home environment.

Contact Deborah to discuss the best way forward for your teenager, and empower them with skills for life.


Watch a 10 minute video 

What is TRE?

What does it feel like?


How to learn ...

Some young people would love to learn with a group of friends, and you could host a stress busting party, others are feeling too low and vulnerable and may need to at least start off with one to one work.

One to one

Session one 

£89 in my studio (£75 for follow ups)

£104 in your home (£90 for follow ups)

The "in your home" price refers to those within a 20 minute radius of Radstock, you may need to pay a little more for Deborah to travel further

Session approx  2 hours long, follow ups up to 90 mins

Book a 6 sessions course for:

-  £360 at my studio 

- £450 at your home

Introduction to TRE®
Workshops for Young People

Session approx 2  1/4 hours long

£25-39 pp

Host a TRE® party 


Sessions approx 2 hours for session 1, 

follow ups up to 1 1/2 hours long

From £104 in your home. 

Add on an extra £10 for each teenager for session 1 to cover the cost of materials. After that all sessions are at the fixed rate of £90. You might ask friends to share the cost, and make it really affordable for everyone. 

Book a 6 session course for £450 (plus discounted initial fee of £5 per child for materials)

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