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Deep Rest Sound Healing Journey

A deep dive into profound relaxation through live shamanic drumming, assorted world music instruments, & the sounds of nature.

Bob is an experienced musician & sound healer & he will take you on a guided journey into 'Deep rest'.

What is Deep Rest? Deep rest is a state where the body can REALLY heal. Where the 'fascia' - the cells & the muscles of the body - can let go of stress & re-attain their natural relaxed state.

The workshop is 1 hour long - lying down - & Bob will use Tibetan bowls, his voice, nature sounds, solfeggio frequencies, mantra & chanting to take you deeply into a shamanic state where deep healing can occur.

Sometimes in this busy day & age - we just need to chill… & Bob will hold that space for you.

Come relax…

Directions to Healing Space Studio:

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