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Women's Spa Day 


Saturday 21st March 2020

at Combe Grove, Bath BA2 7HU

one place available

Perfect for women interested in personal transformation and those wanting to meet stress, anxiety, trauma, menopause and other life/health challenges, from a place of empowerment through embodying skills for life. 

- TRE (Shaking off stress) workshop

- workshop

- Spa

- lunch & afternoon tea


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Combe Grove Members £105

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All morning spa and relaxation at gorgeous Combe Grove, followed by lunch.  The two afternoon workshops are:

TRE (Shaking off Stress)Rekindle your innate stress release capability


Integrative Breathwork journey (aka Rebirthing): Breathe for health, life and empowerment

with afternoon tea in between ❤

This Workshop is for you if:


  • You want to empower yourself by learning (or deepening) practices to use in your daily life

  • You enjoy personal development and would like to try (or dive deeper into) two deeply healing modalities

  • You would like to learn more tools to relax

  • You feel It’s time for some real “me” time in held space (decompress before Christmas)

  • You value the unique shared experience of being with other women

  • You want to reclaim or boost your creative energy

  • You believe that your body knows how to heal; you just need the right ways to access that ability

  • You have tried many other healing modalities, but still feel weighed down by the past

  • You want to take charge of your well being in an effective but simple way

  • You want to meet stress, anxiety, trauma, menopause and other  life challenges from a place of empowerment through learning skills for life


This day will powerfully and gently support  you so you can:


  • Let go of control and surrender to what your body really needs

  • Feel more empowered and energised

  • Be more in life’s creative flow

  • Gently integrate old held material and limiting beliefs

  • Relax, Rest and Restore your body and mind

  • Breathe more freely in daily life and so flow with life more freely

  • Feel more grounded and more deeply embodied

  • Feel calmer,and more resilient

  • Leave the day feeling lighter, having let go of some layers

  • Leave with practices that are easy to integrate into your daily life to continue supporting you after the workshops 

Thank you so much for creating such a safe and nurturing space for us all. Both yourself and Jacquie have such lovely energy and made the whole process so gentle. I look forward to doing more TRE and breath work with you both

Kathy Wheddon

What makes this Women’s day different?

The practices of Integrative Breathwork and TRE are different from other healing modalities, because they tap directly into our body’s innate ability to restore balance. Because Breath and Shaking are innate capabilities that we humans have learnt to repress, once restored it’s astonishing how easy it is to let go and allow the body/mind to do what it needs to do.

TRE connects us to our animal ability to shake and ground ourselves, restoring our primal and life affirming connection with our body and the earth.

Our relationship with our breath directly mirrors our relationship with life, heal that and you are ready to welcome life from your truest place, rather than resisting. Restoring and working regularly with these two abilities enables us to restore our connection with all of life.

You will leave the day with the skills, support and information to carry on these practices. The Spa aspect of the morning is to allow you to begin to let go, and soften your body, in preparation. Whether you have experienced Breathwork or TRE before or not, you will experience them differently here as part of a complete day designed for you to get the most out of these incredible practices.

Personal Note from Deborah

“TRE and Breathwork have changed me and my life in many ways and I've moved from a state of persistent depression and anxiety to where I am now.

After just two weeks of TRE practice, my husband noticed that I was more grounded and present, than in the previous 8+ years that he’d known me. TRE practice became a place for me to go to help restore the basic functions that I was struggling with, such as sleep. It allowed me a safe mat space to be with myself, and anything that was arising. It helped me let go of control and get out of my head and into my body.

Breathwork has been the final piece in the puzzle of how to keep the life in me moving and prevent myself getting stuck in old repeating anxious patterns. It has also got underneath deeply held patterns from early childhood, as far back as gestation and birth. Immediately on starting breathwork, it opened up a creative flow and an ability to be more comfortable with life (both the life inside me and externally). It’s helped me learn that it’s safe to breathe, safe to be here now, safe to be in my body and be alive. This has reaped so much more love and creativity in my life and continues to do so. It’s also given me a powerful, yet simple way to release stress in daily life.

As someone who’d always struggled with sitting in meditation these practices have also given me ways to calm myself and be mindfully present. I’d done over two decades of yoga practice and inner work, that whilst incredibly helpful in many ways, never really got to the deeper places that would change my daily life experience; TRE and Breathwork have helped me do that, and best of all, I can do them for myself as well, so don’t need to be dependent on ongoing therapy.”

Just the right amount of information and support in the sessions, and, crucially for me, fantastic free support materials to take away. This means I can continue and deepen my practice at home still feeling guided and held like I did on the workshop.

I’ve done some great workshops before, but have been left in free fall afterwards as to how to continue the good work, so this is a fantastic aspect of how Deborah does things.

The TRE itself is the most healing medium I have come across. I have spent many years using meditation, mindfulness, therapy , group work and bodywork, to deal with stress, anxiety and trauma. It’s all been good, it’s been a great journey, but nothing has got underneath old unhelpful behaviours like TRE has.

Alexandra Knowles. Massage Therapist

Breathwork sessions have been a really life changing experience for me… The breathwork sessions have enabled me to grow in confidence and become less scared of participating in life. I can manage my difficult feelings more easily too, as well as my energy levels

Claire Emba

The Day

8am onwards arrive for relaxation at Combe Grove: Spa, swimming pool, hydro therapy pool, steam room, sauna, relax on deck chairs, sit in the café  (we advise arriving 10am latest, to make the most of the relaxation time)…

12:20 Meet in the Lounge 

12:30pm Lunch in the library & a chance to ask Deborah and Jacqui a little about the work if you wish! (Lunch is veggie Buddha bowls with vegan options - other specialist diets also catered for, let us know on booking)

1:30 TRE in the Oak Room led by Deborah

3:30 Afternoon Tea, with homemade raw vegan chocolates, and carrot cake

4:15 Breathwork Journey led by Jacqui

6:15 Final Q&A /Advice

After the session you are welcome to use the spa facilities again, until they close at 8pm

What else is included?

  • You will receive a TRE presentation before the actual day to watch at home, so that you have some understanding of the process before the day

  • You will receive a TRE guidance booklet at the session, and a guided audio TRE session afterwards to support home practice

  • Breathing homework handouts are also part of the day; a way of integrating breath into your daily life

  • You will leave with the information and knowledge to begin home practice

  • You will have our support and advice available in the days and weeks after the workshop for those who have questions

I wanted to say how surprised I am at how quickly my stress levels have reduced. After my first session, the ‘tremoring' brought me the peace of mind I had been craving, but was unable to attain through yoga and meditation alone. As a result, I have been sleeping better, my brain fog has lifted and I feel more grounded. 



Stunningly beautiful Combe Grove, Bath, BA2 7HU – set in gorgeous countryside just outside Bath

Ample parking, or a short taxi/bus ride from the town centre (see more images below)


£125 ( £110 if booked by 7th Feb)

£105 for Existing TRE clients and Combe Grove Members

This is a small well held workshop with a maximum of 14 participants.  It is co facilitated by Deborah Maddison and Jacqui Storm.

If you’d like to talk about any aspects of this work and the Women's Day please call Deborah (07498 665385) or Jacqui (07868 890388)for a free 20 minute phone consultation 

TRE (Shaking Off Stress) 
TRE - Frequently Asked Questions

Book Workshop and Spa


Save your place with a 50% deposit now


The venue for the workshops is Combe Grove's Oak room, a beautiful and calm space with underfloor heating and a real log fire to keep you warm and cosy.

We look forward to holding safe space for you here to dive deeply into embodiment and freedom.

Combe Grove is an old manor house set just outside Bath in many acres of beautiful grounds. It is a peaceful centre for well being, earning it's motto of "Find Space to Breathe". It's the perfect place to unwind. It has just won a Green Tourism Silver award. 

You can also nourish yourself in the spa (open from 8am to 8pm at Weekends), leaving plenty of time to relax beforehand and support you to integrate your workshop experience afterwards;

Float Away - Swim towards the view through the vast windows in the indoor pool, or savour the sensation of fresh air and warm water in the outdoor pool during the summer months.

Relax - Relaxing, sensory and restorative, a session in the sauna, steam room or on a hydro-spa.

Treatments - see the treatments offered here.

With gorgeous food made from ingredients sourced from award-winning local farmers and specialist producers who share our beliefs in the importance of ethical food production, you could book dinner after the workshop, and for the ultimate relaxing weekend retreat book a room


Link to Combe Grove to book dinner or accommodation

(Mention you are attending the workshop for a concessionary room rate)


Book Workshop and Spa


Existing TRE clients & Combe Grove Members Pay £105

Save your place with a 50% deposit now

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