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30 minute breath meditations

Attendance information and Zoom links below

Whether you are coming for one session, or are or joining two sessions together for a luxurious long hour of breathing meditation, your Friday Zoom meeting link is the same. Please stay muted on arrival to maintain sound quality for others and you can also keep your camera off if you prefer. For donations information see below Zoom links.

If this is your first session please read the whole of this page for your full guidelines to help you get the most out of your session.

What sessions involve, who are they for and benefits ...

Breath Meditation

Session 1

Suitable for All

Every Friday 6-6:30pm

Mindful Breath & 

Coherent Breathing 

a Balancing Breath for health

Good place for beginners and those wanting a calming, regulating breathe. Suitable for all health conditions and any age.  Children and teens welcome 

(minors need to attend with adult supervision)

Breath Meditation

Session 2

More powerful

Every Friday 6:30-7pm

Mindful Breath continued & 

Conscious Connected Breathing 

a Breath to bring in new energy, and to let go deeply into the body

Taught in a gentle way, especially for beginners, but this is a little more powerful and can allow us to access altered states of consciousness: 

please read precautions before working with the Conscious Connected Breath in an online group


We are so grateful for the donations that help make this work possible for those who currently have little or no income, and to support the pro bono work in state schools.

You can read more about our free programme for schools here

Suggested donation is £0-5 for 30 min session, £0-10 for an hour, either by 

Bank Transfer:

Natwest bank, D J Maddison

Sort: 56-00-34

A/C: 27585514


First time? Please read this in full:

Deborah will undertake to teach, support, offer resources, and experience to assist all clients who attend sessions and is fully committed to facilitating you through an open, honest, respectful, supportive, energising, inspiring and motivating coaching relationship.  

For full benefit it is worth practicing the Coherent Breath daily; it's especially good for anxiety, stress, depression, burnout and PTSD. Here is your HOMEWORK LINK which also has details of the App you can download, to support you to access Coherent Breathing more regularly in your life. If this is your first session you don’t need to look at it now, but feel free to try it if you feel motivated. 

If you don’t already have Zoom on your chosen device, then please download it now (it’s free). It’s available as an App for phones and tablets, or just search for Zoom on an internet search page for your PC. Zoom can be downloaded here.  You will need to have your device set up ready to click on your link about a minute before the session is due to start.

Additional Practical Information

On the day do try and “arrive” with your device ready to go a few minutes before our start time

  • Prepare your space: this can be done sitting, or if you are at home you could be reclining or even lying down. Make sure you are comfortable and can relax in your chosen position. You will also want a glass of water handy.

  • Before the session go to the loo, avoid consuming any alcohol or intoxicating substances and do not eat a large meal.

  • To ensure you can receive coaching you can have the video on, however if you prefer to just listen with the video off, that’s fine too. If you have video on then make sure that when your device is positioned so that I can see your face, and torso. If it’s an evening session, do make sure there’s also enough light so that I can still see you as the sun goes down. 

  • Headphones will improve sound quality, and help you immerse in this experience, but they are not vital.

  • Do make sure your device has enough battery power to last the whole session, or have your charger plugged in.

  • If you are at home and there are others in your house, you will get better Zoom connection if they are not on the internet while you are in your session.

  • Wear comfortable clothing that you can move, stretch and breathe in. If you are wearing a belt, tie or bra loosening them can really help give you more space to breathe.

  • Any medication that you may need (e.g. asthma inhaler) needs to be handy

  • Make sure you will not be disturbed, so turn other devices and phones off (& doorbell), and let others in the house know; make sure you aren’t going to be disturbed so that you can make the most of this time for yourself.

So congratulations on your commitment and to taking this step towards greater well-being; what you will be learning are such simple, yet powerful practices.

All day today and at the start of the breathe, the M.E I suffer from was quite bad and I was in two minds whether to go back to bed…instead of joining you all...but- by the end I now feel a significant amount of energy! I think I can go food shopping- that I was going to put off till tom. I am amazed! 

Hilary Milsom

These breathwork sessions are also a part of Frontline immune support an organisation created to support our frontline NHS workers with remedies, vitamins and services proven to support health and immunity. 

You can learn more or make a small donation to this wonderful organisation here


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