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A Breathwork Journey with Live Sound Healing Music

Sunday 8th March 2:30-5pm

at Dunkerton Village Hall, Bath. BA2 8BG

Facilitated by Jacqui StormDeborah Maddison

and Janey Mondal

Enjoy a guided Breath journey, using the Conscious Connected Breath to gently build energy, heal, soothe, and integrate old patterns. Live shamanic sound healing music enhances your ability to let go and receive. Deep rest period after the breath journey.

Suitable for all levels from beginner to experienced


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This Workshop is for you if:

• You enjoy personal development and would like to try (or revisit) a deeply healing modality

• You would like to learn more tools to relax

• You know there’s more to life and want to live your best life

• You want to reclaim your creative energy

• You have tried many other healing modalities, but still feel weighed down by the past

• Still struggle with stress, anxiety and depression and need to learn an extra tool to support you

This workshop will help you so you can:

• Breathe more freely in daily life and so flow with life more feely

• Feel empowered and energised

• Be more in life’s creative flow

• Integrate old held material and limiting beliefs

• Feel more “on purpose” in life

• Relax, Rest and Restore

Life is crazy, let us hold space for you.

“I laid down and made myself comfortable. Deborah guided us on how to breathe. Music was playing in the background and soon enough I found myself on a wave of energy and tingling sensations in my hands and lower arms. When it was time to stop the Breathwork, I didn't want the sensations to go. Afterwards I felt relaxed, calm and energised. Who would of thought breathing can make you feel so good!”


What makes this modality different?

This kind of breathwork is different, it isn’t simply breathing, it’s a profound dive into your body’s innate ability to heal and restore balance. Our relationship with our breath mirrors how we relate to life. Integrative Breathwork enables you to transform your relationship with your breath and your life. You learn to come back into a relationship with your “natural breath”, to become truly alive and on purpose in that life. Profound change is possible because the breathwork bypasses the conscious mind, and connects with deeply held energetic patterns; once integrated we can be free from and at peace with the past.

The breath is something that we humans have repressed, so restoring our breathing creates natural healing and connection to our life force. Breathwork can be a vehicle for profound and lasting change. 

Breathwork can be very powerful, it brings energy into the body, and can take us into areas of greater aliveness and creativity. That energy may also touch issues from childhood, so sometimes things are going to come up, perhaps even in the couple of days after a breathwork session. We use the breath to gently and safely integrate such material. In our school of Breath (the AIR School of Breathwork), we take clients into that process gently.. Equally we may simply meet our energy in a deeply nourishing way, it’s a journey that changes from breathe to breathe.

When we take responsibility for what arises, it’s amazing to become the creator and not the victim in our lives, knowing that we can keep the life flowing rather than becoming stuck in an old story about how bad life is for example; In life it can feel easier to stay comfortable with our pain and old stories , but life can be so much better than that, it can be inspiring and it really can become a choice as to how we wish to live. Breathwork is all about self-responsibility and self-mastery in this way, and is truly empowering.   

Jacqui, Janey and Deborah have all trained with the AIR School of Breathwork, which teaches a gentle, compassionate intuitive approach that allows the client to move at their own pace.

Note from Deborah

“On a personal level, Breathwork has changed my life in many ways. I came to it, still struggling with anxious patterns and depression. Immediately it opened up a creative flow and an ability to be more comfortable with life (both the life inside me and externally). It’s helped me learn that it’s safe to breathe, safe to be here now, safe to be in my body and be alive. This has reaped so much more love and creativity in my life and continues to do so. It’s also given me a powerful, yet simple way to release stress in daily life”


The afternoon workshop includes:

• An introduction to the technique for those new to this work

• A 30 minute-1 hour breath journey facilitated by Jacqui Storm and Deborah Maddison

with live Sound Healing Music by Janey Mondal

• A long relaxation period (approx 15 mins) with more live Sound Healing Music

• Chance to share for those who wish

• Tea, drinks, snacks (including Deborah’s raw chocolates)

Thank you so much for creating such a safe and nurturing space for us all. Both yourself and Jacquie have such lovely energy and made the whole process so gentle”. Kathy Wheddon

Breathwork sessions have been a really life changing experience for me… The breathwork sessions have enabled me to grow in confidence and become less scared of participating in life. I can manage my difficult feelings more easily too, as well as my energy levels

Claire Emba

Venue & Logistics:

Dunkerton Village Hall, Nr Bath, BA2 8BG

Car  - Parking easy and free 

Bus - short ride from Bath town centre then 10 minute walk 

Sunday 8th March, 2:30-5:00pm includes snacks,  raw chocolates and drinks at the end.



Book your place now at: (please see cancellation policy here)

"Really enjoyed the workshop & slept like a log that night. On reflection, for me, at this point, it was joyous to give myself permission to allow it ‘to be’ however it was & not ‘get it right!’ So yes it was perfect for me. Thanks to you both"

Caroline, Bath

Save your space at this workshop now


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