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Radstock Breathing Circle

Integrative Breathwork (Rebirthing) ... 

A breathwork journey using the Conscious Connected Breath for health, life and empowerment

Middle Wednesday evening of the month

Last Saturday afternoon of the month

Venue - HealingSpace Studio, Radstock BA3 3JW

Easy free parking a minute's walk from the studio, arrive 10 mins early to get settled

£10 - £25 Depending on means

The sessions will involve an introduction to the breathing practice for those who haven't experienced it before, you will then lie down in a relaxed position (although the breathwork journey can be experienced sitting for those who prefer). 

You will enjoy an hour of conscious connected breathing, to gently build energy, meet and integrate old patterns, and to simply receive the nourishment of breath. 

On cold days we will cosy up in the studio with its heating and gentle lighting. 

When the weather gets warmer we will have the option to breathe outside in nature, either on the deck or the lawn with fresh air and birdsong. 

Breathwork can be very powerful, it brings energy into the body, and can take us into areas of greater aliveness and creativity. That energy may also touch issues from childhood, so sometimes things are going to come up, perhaps even in the couple of days after a breathwork session. We use the breath to gently and safely integrate such material. In our school of Breath (the AIR School of Breathwork), we take clients into that process gently, and will show you how to go at your own pace. Equally we may simply meet our energy in a deeply nourishing way, it’s a journey that changes from breathe to breathe.

When we take responsibility for what arises, it’s amazing to become the creator and not the victim in our lives, knowing that we can keep the life flowing rather than becoming stuck in an old story about how bad life is for example; In life it can feel easier to stay comfortable with our pain and old stories , but life can be so much better than that, it can be inspiring and it really can become a choice as to how we wish to live. Breathwork is all about self-responsibility and self-mastery in this way, and is truly empowering. 

Thank you so much for holding such an amazing space. I have had quite an amazing experience, since that very powerful Breathwork I went into rather a hole and felt very anxious for about 24 hours... and then I had so many realisations about my life and about the way forward and I feel absolutely ecstatic today and incredibly positive and FREE!!!!

So yes - profound stuff!

Keep up the good work.

Jo, Bath

“I laid down and made myself comfortable. Deborah guided us on how to breathe. Music was playing in the background and soon enough I found myself on a wave of energy and tingling sensations in my hands and lower arms. When it was time to stop the Breathwork, I didn't want the sensations to go. Afterwards I felt relaxed, calm and energised. Who would of thought breathing can make you feel so good!”


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Breathing Circle is a network of people across the globe who are committed to:

Health and healing through breathing practice

Self-healing through transformational energy states

Conscious community meetings and workshops


Here's a particularly lovely "Breathe" with gorgeous Lawrie the guide dog pup assisting ... do let Deborah know if you have a dog hair allergy, or phobia, and we will make sure Lawrie goes to doggie day care. 

He lay at one lady's feet helping her feel safe and grounded. He's going to make an amazing guide dog one day, as he's such a sensitive boy.

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